Unto the Least of These

A place for all of my random musings. Added accountability for my choice to be gentle. An online reminder that how I treat those around me - especially the children - is how I treat the King of Kings.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

A Blog Challenge for you!

I've been thinking more and more lately on the verse my blog is titled after.
And the King will tell them,
I assure you, when you did it to
one of the least of these my brothers and sisters,
you were doing it to me!
Matthew 25:40
And I'm curious...

How does this look in your home? How do you actively seek ways to serve the least of these? I know many days, I'm impatient with my toddler - as much as I strive to live out the fruit of the Spirit toward him, sometimes the daily grind gets to me. Or I'm feeling bad, or he's feeling bad, or I'm stressed - you name it, it's probably happened at some point.

I have to stop and meditate and remind myself that serving him is service to God. Not that I for one moment abdicate my role of parental authority, but serving him - truly serving him, as Christ served us, is something that I am called to do.

Here's the challenge - some time in the next week, think about this. Do this. Blog about this, or comment on this blog.

Let's do unto the least of these as we would do to Jesus.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Is there a difference?

I had a very productive conversation with one of my SIL's yesterday. It's hard *not* to compare my son with other people's children. And I do know I've been blessed with an adorable child.

However, SIL #1 was comparing my son with SIL #2's children, who have been raised with the terrorizing tactics of Michael Pearl. Up until this point, SIL#1 has professed to believe that I am absolutely nuts for my non-violent approach to parenting. However, she's noticed that SIL#2's oldest child hits his little sister immediately following every switching. Go figure, huh? The thought that hitting teaches hitting - what a bizarre idea!

SIL#1 was asking me questions, and actually wanting to hear why we've come to the conclusions we have in parenting.

And I posed a question to her that really, really disturbed her. Here it is:

"When you did something wrong as a child, what if instead of spanking, your father had reached down and slowly fondled your buttocks?"

She turned about 5 shades of green, and said 'That is TOTALLY disgusting! Why would you say such a thing?'

My answer?

'Why is it any different? The same hand, the same buttock - but because he caused physical pain instead of emotional pain, it's called discipline and not sexual assault.'

She didn't have a response to that, other than 'That really makes me think...'