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Friday, June 16, 2006

A Little Birdie Told Me...

That the GCM Mamas have come through again!

Thanks to everyone who donated time and offered prayers - I know I've been at loose ends without the message board!

I am leaving up one of the 'Donate' buttons, as I want people to still have the chance to contribute to GCM. It's a place that has been a safe haven, and a wonderful community of Titus 2 Moms. That's worth each bit of PayPal we can send! So please, (and this is totally unsolicited from Jeri!) let's keep GCM on our list of ministries to support!

Speaking of ministries, I've been hanging out at http://aolff.org a lot lately.

A couple of the articles have really hit home, so to speak.
How to Make Your Husband Feel Like a King

Gee, Crystal - you know I love you! But housework?! REALLY?! I am sooooooooo not about that, and yet, those are some really great points in those articles....

Guess that means I should get off this computer and go wash my dishes! *giggle*


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