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Sunday, June 18, 2006

'Put a Happy on...'

That's the phrase I heard uttered the other day.

I was talking to an aquaintance, and we were discussing our children. She was so proud of what her son said to her mother last week: 'Nana, ______ get spankings and it makes me be a good boy.'

I couldn't help it. I have made the decision to never be silent when it comes to the little ones. So I let the horror I felt show on my face, and I said "That is incredibly sad!" Of course, she was quite taken aback by this. Her church, her family, hands out the child abuse manuals written by Michael Pearl. This woman was raised with harsh methods such as those, and really, she knows no better.

She's just one of many misguided but loving people who see no other way to properly nurture a child. I should know - I once was one myself.

Anyway, she was running through all the familiar arguments to justify hitting a baby. 'They only get it when they really need it.' My response? "Who gives it to you?" Her: "That's different!"

"Well, they get this attitude that just has to be driven out of them."
"Are you past your attitudes yet, or do you (at nearly 40) still struggle?"
"That's different!"

"We believe in discipline."
"So do we. We *don't* believe discipline means hitting a child."
"It's not hitting, it's spanking. That's different."

"And we believe in the man ruling the home."
"So does he beat you when you get out of line? Because my husband doesn't hit me."

yada yada yada...you all get the general drift. Apparently, it's some mysterious component that makes this all legal and good and GODLY to do to a baby. I think I've identified what it is, too. Here's a hint....it has something to do with the ratio of body mass and which one in the parent/child equation has the legal right to hit.

After all...when children do to other children what their parents do to them - they get labeled as offenders, bullies, and mentally ill. Pharmaceutical companies make blood money from the rage these children have no other way to express, and thus get medicated for.

At the end of my conversation with this woman, she thought she'd dispense a wonderful child-rearing tip. 'We just do what my parents did. We say 'put a happy on NOW' and that means they have to change their facial expression right away. You should see how cute it is when tears are running down his face and he's trying to smile anyway because I told him to.'

I just started shaking my head - in honest bewilderment, too. I can not understand being so anal and arrogant that you feel the need to, and the right to, make someone else stuff down honest emotion because it inconveniences you.

I've seen the horrors that result from stuffing emotion over the long term. It leads to many, many diseases. That whole pesky mind/body connection, you know?

Yes, the Bible says 'A merry heart does good, like a medicine.'

When did we stop encouraging genuine joy in our children?

Why do we allow a few twisted, sick individuals to pervert that verse to read 'Make your child have a merry face, if necessary, by threatened or actual violence, so you don't have to look at them having any emotion other than robotic" ?

Friday, June 16, 2006

A Little Birdie Told Me...

That the GCM Mamas have come through again!

Thanks to everyone who donated time and offered prayers - I know I've been at loose ends without the message board!

I am leaving up one of the 'Donate' buttons, as I want people to still have the chance to contribute to GCM. It's a place that has been a safe haven, and a wonderful community of Titus 2 Moms. That's worth each bit of PayPal we can send! So please, (and this is totally unsolicited from Jeri!) let's keep GCM on our list of ministries to support!

Speaking of ministries, I've been hanging out at http://aolff.org a lot lately.

A couple of the articles have really hit home, so to speak.
How to Make Your Husband Feel Like a King

Gee, Crystal - you know I love you! But housework?! REALLY?! I am sooooooooo not about that, and yet, those are some really great points in those articles....

Guess that means I should get off this computer and go wash my dishes! *giggle*

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Official Announcement


Sunday, June 11, 2006

My poor little neglected blog...

I have been *so* busy lately! I am mulling over a few topics for here, but I haven't had two coherent moments to string things together.

I'm also trying to come up with a new design for this blog. I will be back to this place, I promise!

I just need a few minutes of quiet.....